Rugby player Francois Hougaard currently plays both scrum-half and wing for the Worcester Warriors. Prior to the Warriors, he also played for the Blue Bulls, Bulls, Southern Kings, Springboks & the Springboks Seven South Africa.

On behalf of the South Africa rugby team, Francois is competing in the 2016 Olympics.

His outstanding performance on the field is backed by his intensive and disciplined training off the field with high intensity cardio and weight training. “Looking good and feeling better can’t be achieved with fad diets or unrealistic fitness goals. I believe that we all need to be consistently looking after our bodies. Creating healthy eating habits, incorporating regular exercise and supplementing in areas where our modern diet fails is the only way to better living.”

Q & A

Why did you choose to partner with “NeoLife”?

“For me, “NeoLife” offers more of a holistic approach to wellness. It’s not just supplementing to boost sports performance-it’s about a lifestyle where I do what is good for my body in the long term. “NeoLife” fits perfectly into my active lifestyle and is a seamless extension to my fitness routine.”

What does the “NeoLife” Difference mean to you?

“I am very strict when it comes to what I put into my body. As a professional sportsman I won’t settle for anything less than the best. “NeoLife” is just that. Probably the most important aspect of supplementing for me is doing it safely. “NeoLife” Nutrition is wholefood based and I can trust that what they say on the label is backed by their flawless reputation. I really like the idea that the ingredients are sourced in nature because I enjoy using organic products.”

See his “Train Like An Olimpian” Workout >>

Favorite Products

“Pro Vitality”, “Super C”, “NeoLifeBar”, “Cal-Mag”, “NeoLifeShake”.

Product Impact

“The products have definitely made a huge difference in my recovery after high intensity cardio and weight training, and also keep my immune system strong. It’s crucial for me to be in top form so that I can keep up a 6-day a week training schedule. Playing internationally means there is no ‘off season’ and that I have to cope with jetlag and severe weather changes. “NeoLife” products keep me in top form, come rain or shine—they really work.”


The Hungarian pommel horse specialist and reigning World Champion, Krisztian Berki, met all expectation and won the Olympic Gold Medal at the 2012 Games in London! Other notable achievements are gold in World Championships in 2010 and 2011, as well as gold in European Championships in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012. His most recent accomplishments on the pommel horse include silver medal at 31st European Championships, bronze medal in the 2014 Hungarian Artistic Gymnastic Championship, gold medal in the 2014 Swietelsky Grand Prix, and gold medal in the Artistic Gymnastics World Championship 2014 in Nanning, China.

According to the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique, Krisztian is the best athlete of the pommel horse in the history of the sport. And in 2010, 2011, and 2014, he was elected Sportsman of the Year in Hungary.

Favorite Products

“Chelated Cal-Mag”, “Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus”, “Acidophilus Plus”, “Carotenoid Complex”, “Tre”.


“I have a twin sister, who does rowing and triathlons and an older sister who always encouraged us to play sports. All three of us played basketball together. I played for more than 7 years competitively. After earning my master’s at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, I started working for Ericsson; gave up basketball and began running. It wasn’t long until I fell in love with the sport.

Running is my passion and my lifestyle. I like to run long distances, from road racing to trial, from half marathons to ultra distance. I am confident and hopeful to be apart of the Olympic games in Tokyo.

Within my first year of running, I came across articles about ultra distance, which sparked my interest. I’ve always wanted to do something extraordinary. At age 23, I ran my first Ultra; I ran the Croatian Championship at the International Forrest Gump Race; 132k in 12 hours. I broke the World Record that year (2011) and the absolute record for Croatia. I was also the youngest athlete to run that distance so it turns out my talent for ultra running is a kind of gift from God. I know I can do something good in my life with this specialty.

I’m so excited for this partnership with “NeoLife” to improve my sport performance. I have spent several long periods with injuries where I couldn’t run much. In the past I never paid too much attention to my diet, I used to indulge in sweets and unhealthy stuff now my nutritional routine has changed with “NeoLife”. My results have been excellent.

I started using “NeoLifeShake” before the World Trail Challenge in Portugal at the end of October 2016. On the day of the race I had a “NeoLifeShake” before and after. It really helped me a lot because I was already weary of the racing almost every weekend plus this specific trail was very difficult.

I continued using “NeoLife” before racing in the World 100k in Spain, where I placed second (I was so close to the Gold medal). I had the “NeoLifeShake” 4 days before the race and the night before and in the morning of I had 4 servings. I felt so much energy during the race!”

Favorite Products

“NeoLifeShake”, “Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus”, “Chelated Cal-Mag”.

Top Accolades

2011 International Forrest Gump Race – Ultramarathon 132km in 12hr: set Croatian record & best world result that year
2014 Stockholm Ultramarathon 100km in 8hr 3min: 1st place
2015 Il Passatore Firenza-Faenza Ultramarathon 100km in 7hr 41min: 1st place
2015 Wings for life Croatia Ultramarathon: 1st place
2016 Il Passatore Firenza-Faenza ultramarathon 100km in 7hr 40min: 1st place of women, set best world result & 3rd place overall (men & women)
2016 Doha Quatar Ultramarathon 50km: 1st place World Champions (Croatia)
2016 Wings for Life Norway Ultramarathon: 1st place, set course record
2016 Gran Sasso Ultramarathon 50km: 1st place, set race record

2014 Ravenna marathon: 1st place
2015 Brescia marathon: 1st place
2015 Vir Zadar Marathon Croatian Championship: 1st place
2015 Podgorica Marathon Balkan Championship: Bronze medal
2015 Verona Italy marathon: 1st place
2015 Stara Zagora Bulgary Marathon: 1st place
2016 Malta Marathon: 1st place
2016 Sofia Marathon Balkan Championship: Silver medal

Mountain Races:
2011 Mosor Grebbening Trekking (trail): 1st place
2012 Short Distance Mountain Running Croatian Championship: 1st place
2013 Long Distance Mountain Running Croatian Championship: 1st place
2014 Short Distance Mountain Running Croatian Championship: 1st place
2015 Short Distance Mountain Running Croatian Championship: 1st place
2015 Long Distance Mountain Running Croatian Championship: 1st place


“I started going to the gym and bodybuilding at age 58, and my first show was at 59. I’m going to be 70 in July. I’ve been in 10 shows and I have 10 trophies that I’ve won. In doing that, I’ve had many companies approach me at the shows, offering me all types of products.

It’s not that I’m in that great of physical shape… I mean I am in great shape for my age, and that was the factor. Most guys my age don’t do what I do. So a lot of these companies wanted me to use their products, wear their t-shirts, and all those types of things as marketing for them. They would give me free products and over the last 10 years I’ve used many, many different products, but I’ve never found anything out there that I noticed a difference with.

Now Jerry Brassfield and I have been friends now for 40 years, and we recently got back in contact. So we started talking again about “NeoLife” and I started using the “NeoLife” SPORT Nutrition line along with Pro Vitality. Within a couple of days I noticed that my energy level in the gym and my intensity level was more than it had been, but I just thought at first that it was a psychological thing and it was just a coincidence. However, now it’s been 6 months that I’ve been using the product and overall it’s really increased my intensity to train.

I’m 13-14 weeks out from my next bodybuilding show, which is to become an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and these products have been a major factor in it. They’ve definitely helped me. I can feel it. I can see it. Just the other day, my training partner was saying “Golly! The intensity that you have…!” And he is 40, so I’m 30 years older than him and he’s having trouble keeping up with me!”

Favorite Products

“Pro Vitality”, “Performance Protein”, “Performance Pack”.

Q & A

Why did you choose to partner with “NeoLife”?

“I rate the “NeoLife” products a whole 10, and I’ve never been able to do that for any other products. I can do that because… (1) It works. (2) The science is behind it. (3) The integrity of the people who are behind it.”

What does the phrase “Living the NeoLifestyle” mean to you?

“It means you become a product of the product. When I’m walking around my community and people see me, see the way I look, the way I act, the way I respond to things… I want people to look at me and say “I don’t know what it is that guy has, but I wish I had it!

You should have that passion, that excitement, that fulfillment, that attitude that you’re alive and full of life. If you’re alive and full of life, everyone wants to be around you and find out what in the world you’re actually doing. So living that lifestyle means you’re taking the product, living the life, enjoying the life, dreaming the life.

Lifestyle is a very exciting word for me. ‘Life’ is God-given, and ‘style’ is ‘How you’re going to live it?’ Through NeoLife, you have no limitations placed upon you. You can do whatever it is you want to do, become whoever you want to become. It’s a psychological principle… You can have more than you have because you can become more than you are. The only thing that’s stopping you or me or anyone else on this earth from becoming who they truly want to be is the story that they keep telling themselves. The interesting part about that is that if we don’t like our life, if we don’t like the story that our life is right now, we can rip up that script and write a brand new story. “NeoLife” is the instrument that can help us write a new story and allow us to be whatever we want to be”.


Mahé Drysdale is a highly decorated New Zealand rower with a list of achievements and accolades an oar long. A five time World Champion and world record holder, Mahé finally achieved his dream of claiming Olympic Gold in London 2012 and is now one of a small number of Olympic Champions to return and win Gold in the same event at consecutive Olympic Games, winning his second Gold in Rio 2016.

Mahé’s incredible performances have won him high acclaim in his homeland, winning “Sportsman of the Year” an impressive three times. Mahé now has two Olympic Gold Medals & 1 Bronze Medal to add to his already impressive collection of accolades.

Product Impact

Being an Olympic Athlete, I have to get my nutrition spot on to keep me in shape and to be able to train as hard as I need to. By using “NeoLife” Nutritionals for the last ten years, I have been able to get all the nutritional supplements I need to prepare myself for sessions and recover quickly afterwards.

Favorite Products

“Pro Vitality”, “PhytoDefense”, “Chelated Cal-Mag”, “Super C”, “Super-B”, “Chelated Zinc”.


Kim Kouwabunpat is a former professional golfer, born and raised in Southern California, most notably recognized from being on Golf Channel’s hit reality series Big Break XI: Prince Edward Island. She grew up as a well-rounded athlete, while also playing soccer, softball, and tennis in addition to golf but dedicated her focus to golf at the age of 9. She started competing at a national level at age 10 and found success as a 5-time Junior All-American, 2-time Canon Cup Team member, winner of 5 individual national titles, and was ranked as high as 13th in the junior national rankings.

Kim continued on with an illustrious collegiate career at Stanford University where she competed on the women’s golf team on a full scholarship all 4 years. She earned 7 top-10’s, 4 top-5’s, was a 2-time All-PAC10 Conference Team member, and earned Most Valuable Player honors on the ’03-’04 season Stanford squad. Kim graduated in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Upon gradation, Kim turned professional and competed on the LPGA Futures Tour, CN Canadian Women’s Tour, Ladies Asian Golf Tour, Cactus Tour, and California Players Tour. She’s earned 12 top-5’s, including 2 professional wins. Her lowest round is (-7) 65 and (-5) 67 in competition.

She states having a great respect for the game of golf due to its demand for core strength, stability, flexibility, endurance, and mental focus out on the course in order to compete at the top level. Physical fitness in the gym is just as crucial in her training regimen in order to achieve consistency in her shots, distance off the tee, and finesse around the greens.

Since retiring from competitive golf in 2010, she has found a new passion in endurance sports as she is an avid runner and triathlete. She’s completed 2 full marathons, 1 Ironman 70.3 in St. George, UT, and over a dozen half marathons. She is also embedded in her local running community through founding 3 FFP Running Clubs in Southern California, a grass roots based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting fitness, fun, and philanthropy. Their mission is to build local communities by making fitness a fun part of your routine and to make the world a better place, one running community at a time.

Favorite Products

“Endurance”, “Bio-Tone”, “Lecithin”, “Pro Vitality”, “Mind Enhancement Complex”.

Product Impact

“With a full-time work schedule and an active workout and training regimen, “NeoLife” products have helped me maintain the energy I need to get through the day then hit the gym for a workout or the trails for a run. Taking these products has also added a nice structure to my daily intake with a healthy routine. “Pro-Vitality” is an easy way of making sure I’m getting my essentials, nutrients, and minerals. The “NeoLifeShake” are also great to take on the go during my busy weeks!”


Tomas was born in 1979 in Marijampolė, Lithuania. After years of focused hard training, he is now one of the top bodybuilders in the world, and we are proud to have him on our team.

Q & A

How did you come in contact with “NeoLife” products?

It was my coach Rinaldas Česnaitis who first suggested I try “NeoLife” food supplements, then Rimvydas Bajorinas introduced the same products to me.

Why did you choose “NeoLife” food supplements?

When preparing for a competition I need to stick to a very strict diet, and the quality of the nutrients is crucial to my energy, vitality and strength. I tried the “NeoLife” food supplements and found that the quality was beneficial and completely satisfying for me. I would really recommend that other sportsmen try them as well.

What does “NeoLife” Food Supplement mean to you?

Thanks to “NeoLife” food supplements and my hard work before the competition I won the gold at the International competition Arnold Classic Europe 2015. I also achieved 1st place at the Robert Burneika Classics.

Favorite Products

“Tre-en-en”, “Cal-Mag”, “Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus”, “All-C”, “Carotenoid Complex”.



1st place at Arnold Classic Europe
1st place at Robert Burneika Classics


Overall bodybuilding champion of Lithuania
Overall winner of Oslo Grand Prix
Overall winner of European Classic Bodybuilding
2nd place at Arnold Classic Europe
2nd place at the World Classic Bodybuilding
1st place at Classic Bodybuilding of world ranking


Cross-country skiing is a tough sport that requires strength, tenacity and willpower. Sami Jauhojärvi is one of the most experienced skiers on the Finnish team, and has participated in the Olympics in Turin in 2006 and Vancouver in 2010. Sami and teammate Livo Niskanen won the gold medal in the men’s team cross-country sprint at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.

Product Impact

I use a wide range of NeoLife Nutritionals, so that I can quickly regain strength. “GR2 Control” and “NutriShake” ensure that my body get enough high quality protein to help rebuild muscles. I use “GR2” about an hour before each race so that I can maintain optimum energy levels all race. Supplements are very important to me, so I help myself to feel good during exercise. It is very important for an athlete.

Favorite Products

“Carotenoid Complex”, “Formula IV Plus”, “Tre-en-en”, “Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus”, “NeoLifeShake”, “Cal-Mag”.


In 2011, Marko qualified for and participated in the most prestigious competition of Triathlon Ironman World Championship in Hawaii and took 12th place. Marko holds the current Estonian “Ironman” distance record, 8:08:18. He participates in various triathlon competitions around the world. In 2013, he took 2nd place in the Ironman New Zealand. He again qualified to participate in an Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, which means that Marko has secured his position among the world’s best triathletes. His most recent success was achieving 1st place in the prestigious 30th anniversary of Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman New Zealand. This was followed by placing 5th in the Lanzarote half distance Ironman in 2014.

“Ironman is always hard, but fortunately I was able to pull off a good finish. Huge thanks to everyone who has been part of this 9 week journey!”

Product Impact

Energy and persistence is very important for professional endurance athletes. Using different “NeoLife” Nutritionals, I know that my energy and well-being is in good hands, because I use products that are always trusted. When you are taking supplements, I feel what is being and revitalizing the difference. These products really improved my quality of life so I can practice more.

Favorite Products

“Carotenoid Complex”, “Garlic Allium Complex”, “NeoLifeShake”, “Cal-Mag”, “Formula IV Plus”, “Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus”, “Cruciferous Plus”, “Multi-Min”, “Betaguard”, “Tre”, “All-C”, “Flavonoid Complex”.


Ashleigh’s amateur career was nothing short of outstanding. She won the Ladies Club Championships at the Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club, her home club, every year between the ages of 12 and 17. At age 14 in 2003, she became the youngest player to receive full South African colors, playing No. 1 for her country in the Commonwealth Tournament. In 2004, she became the youngest player to win the Ladies South African Open on the Women’s Professional Tour. She went on to win at least one WPGA (Women’s Professional Golf Association) Tour event as an amateur each year until she was 17 and turned Professional.

Not surprisingly, Ashleigh’s professional career started with a bang in 2007 when she won the Catalonia Ladies Masters in her first season on the Ladies European Tour (LET). Her form continued into 2008 and 2009 when she mixed playing in Europe and playing on the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) against the best players in the world, earning her the Rookie of the Year title on the LET in 2008.

At the end of 2009, Ashleigh suffered a back injury. 2010 was a year spent recovering and yet she still managed three top 5 finishes on the LET. In 2011, her game continued to strengthen and develop resulting in five top 10 finishes on the European Tour, an Order of Merit ranking of 15, and a win at the Portugal Ladies Open.

Unfortunately, 2012 saw Ashleigh’s four top 10 finishes on the LET interrupted by a hip injury, resulting in her taking time over winter for surgery. Her focus and determination was once again highlighted by her astounding recovery. She finished 2nd at her first event back, the South African Ladies Open in April. She went on to take 2nd again at the ISPS Handa European Ladies Masters, qualified for the Ricoh Women’s British Open, had four top 10 finishes and ranked an impressive 13th on the LET Order of Merit after a late season start! She finished the season on a high, earning her full LPGA card at Q School in December.

There is no doubt Ashleigh will capitalize on her LPGA Tour status, after her fight back from injuries she is more determined than ever to succeed. Ashleigh is one of the most naturally talented young golfers of her generation, this coupled with her winning mentality means that the future is sure to be a very exciting one.

Favorite Products

“Pro Vitality”, “PhytoDefense”, “Chelated Zinc”, “Cal-Mag”, “All Natural Fiber”.


The USA Deaf Tennis team has many top-notch male and female athletes. Two dynamic athletes that stand out are sibling duo Emily and Daniel Hangstefer. In their recent competition in the 2013 Sofia Deaflympic Games in Bulgaria, they won the silver medal in Mixed Doubles. Individually, they are both stellar athletes. Daniel played Division 1 tennis at Lipscomb University, playing No. 1 Singles and No. 1 Doubles. Emily played Division 1 tennis at University of Tennessee Chattanooga. She is currently ranked the #1 Women’s Doubles player in the world, based on her gold medal performance in the 2013 Sofia Deaflympic Games. This was the first time the USA won gold for the American tennis team since 1997. She also was awarded “2013 Sportswoman of the Year” by the USA Deaf Sports Federation.

Emily plans to compete at the 2017 Deaflympics in Turkey, where she prays God will continue to use her talent and ability to play tennis to glorify Him.

Product Impact

Along with working out and playing tennis, I felt like the supplements that I was taking helped me recover quickly between workouts. I was able to workout hard everyday without being tired or sore. I made sure to take “Salmon Oil Plus” and “Cal-Mag” to help with that. I also really like the “Liver Plus C” and the protein for energy right before a workout. Also, I believe that the “PhytoDefense” and the “Formula IV Plus” helped me stay at the top of my game, because I didn’t get sick I was able to keep going without taking any days off to recover. I really like these products and I believe they are the best!
-Emily Hangstefer

Favorite Products

“PhytoDefense”, “Cal-Mag”, “Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus”, “Formula IV Plus”, “Endurance”, “Neo-Lax”, “Bio-Tone”, “Full Motion”, “NeoLifeShake”, “Pro Vitality”, “Super C”.


Deborah Meis recently returned from an incredible 6 ½ week European tour with her professional ballet company, where they performed 24 times in 19 cities across Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, and Austria.

Physically and mentally Deborah felt great thanks to “Pro Vitality”, “NeoLifeShake”, and “Vitamin C”. “My body stayed strong and I had so much energy,” says Meis.

There was a time when one of their accommodations wasn’t quite the cleanest and Deborah caught a little cold that lasted a few days; but even then, she still felt energetic. She remembers telling some of her fellow dancers that she had just been getting over a cold and they said they didn’t even notice she was sick–especially because she had remained so joyful and appeared so full of life even during her cold!

“It is especially hard on tour to keep our bodies in shape because of the constant travel and not having the proper workout facility to take class everyday. Many dancers on my team suffered from injuries: joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons bothering them, but I had no problems the whole trip,” says Deborah.

Deborah began dancing at the age of five and is now a professional ballerina. Over the years, “NeoLife” Nutritionals have proven to be an essential part of her training.

Her mother, “NeoLife” Distributor, Lani Meis, says, “it is important that her brain is sharp and working quickly being at the top level she is at, because when she is pushing her body to do something extra, it needs to be given something extra.”

Taking several “Salmon Oil” and “Tre-en-en” capsules before each ballet practice and performance helps Deborah with brain retention during her strenuous and complicated routines. “It is amazing how much it helps her focus and retain. With these vitamins Deborah can overcome any processing difficulties,” says Lani.

“I am proud to say my body is solid because of NeoLife products—I cannot even imagine what condition my body would be in without these incredible products. Thank you NeoLife!”
–Deborah Meis

Favorite Products

“Pro Vitality”, “Acidophilus Plus”, “NeoLifeShake”, “Super C”, “Beta-Zyme”.

Product Impact

The type of training I undergo is very physically and mentally demanding. The “NeoLife” supplements allow my body to perform to its maximum potential. Dancers are known for their many injuries as we ask our joints and muscles to do much more than they were designed to do. I am able to maintain excellent health, necessary energy and mental acuity.

“NeoLifeShake” is my breakfast meal replacement before I begin my intense drills for the day. The protein enables my body to maintain high-energy output. It also helps repair sore and tired muscles.

“ProVitality” helps with focus, memory, and concentration, which is very necessary for me to pick up difficult and lengthy choreography.

“Acidophilus Plus” nurtures my digestion. My mom had me start taking “Acidophilus Plus” due to some digestive challenges and 7 years later I have healthy digestion! It’s very nice and relieving.

I also take vitamin C to keep my immune system protected.

The “NeoLife” Nutritionals have helped extensively in my participation this past year in the Ballet Magnificat! Trainee Program. They keep me alert and boost my energy when I need it. Taking “Pro Vitality”, “Acidophilus Plus”, and “Beta-Zyme” helped me tremendously on tour.


Long before the sun rises in Kingston, Jamaica, Sakima Mullings begins his daily training. 4am runs with alternate wind sprints and hill work need to be completed before his regular workday starts. After work, he commits to another 2-3 hours of exercise with sparring, shadow-boxing, and strength conditioning.

Hard work and sound nutrition have resulted in success—Sakima is the Commonwealth Zonal Middleweight Champion and has a professional boxing record of 18 and 2 with 13 knockouts. He also recently competed in the The Wray & Nephew Contender Competition, and was the champion.

Product Impact

“Pro Vitality” makes me feel stronger and more energized. Before I started taking “Full Motion”, I was constantly fighting against irritation and discomfort with my knee. Now I can train full force without pain. “NouriShake” provides the protein I need to repair and replenish my muscles—so I can be ready for the next day’s workout.

Favorite Products

“Pro Vitality”, “Full Motion”, “All-C”.


Born in Bermuda, raised in Canada, Lisa Blackburn has competed on the National Swim Teams for both countries. In 2008, Lisa thought her Olympic dreams had ended. She moved to Bermuda for a teaching opportunity, with no thoughts of competitive swimming. But fate stepped in and soon she was working for a company that fully supported her goals and Lisa was back in the competitive lanes.

At the recent U.S. Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia, Lisa achieved a time of 1 minute, 13.21 seconds in the 100-meter breaststroke. Not only did she break the Bermuda national record, at 40-years old, Lisa broke the World Record for her Masters group.

Lisa has continued to have amazing results. She won 4 gold medals at the 2013 Pan-American Masters Championship in Florida, unofficially broke Masters world records, and won 8 medals at the 2013 Bermuda Island Games, including 4 meet relay records. In 2014, she received four bronze medals in the Caribbean Island Swimming Championships and then two gold medals, one silver, and two bronze medals at the Masters World Swimming Championships. And at 42 years of age, she is striving to qualify for and represent Bermuda at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

Recently, Lisa broke the Masters World Record in the 100IM. It is also a new Bermuda National Record and a lifetime best time for Lisa! She also swam a lifetime personal best in the 50 freestyle going 26.50 seconds. Lisa also had a great 200IM swim just narrowly missing the World Record and National Record by less than 0.7 seconds.

Read the Exclusive Interview >>

Favorite Products

“Performance Pack”, “Tre”, “Chelated Zinc”, “NeoLifeShake”.

Product Impact

For me, the most important part of taking “NeoLife” Nutritionals is that it helps me maintain my nutritional routine and feel “whole.” Although I eat healthy foods, when I’m not taking the products, I just don’t feel as healthy, strong, or complete. In addition to improved recovery time, increased support to the immune system is very important. You can’t perform your best if you feel lousy. When all my teammates come down with a cold, I don’t. As an athlete, you work so hard for so long, and now I am living the athlete lifestyle. It’s a wonderful journey to be on—thanks “NeoLife”.

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World Masters multi-event and sprint champion, Marie Kay has been a dominant force on the international athletic competitive scene for many years. Marie’s natural ability forged with her tenacious attitude to competition has proven to be an effective combination as her large assortment of world records, championship titles and medals continues to grow. In 2011, Marie was awarded “World Masters Athlete of the Year,” the most prestigious award reserved for only the best of the best.

But despite her success Marie is as humble and grounded as they come. When Marie is not training or competing she spends her time working as a personal trainer and volunteering as a coach for aspiring athletes. Also adding the responsibilities of a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother, it’s no wonder Marie’s boundless energy is an inspiration to people of all ages.

Marie continues to compete and win a spectacular amount of events most recently winning her 9th consecutive World Masters Athletics Championship in the Heptathlon!

Product Impact

Without “NeoLife” I would not be able to train ten times a week, work, run a household and still manage to have time for my children and time for myself.

Favorite Products

“Pro Vitality”, “Tre-en-en”, “Cal-Mag”, “Super-B”, “Super C”, “Vitamin E Plus”, “PhytoDefense”.


Joshua Rose is a Defender for the Melbourne City FC in the Hyundai A-League National Soccer League competition. Born in Rockhampton in Queensland, Joshua debuted with the Brisbane Strikers in 2001. His football career has taken him far and wide playing for teams in Brisbane, Auckland and even Romania.

Joshua was integral to the Central Coast Mariner’s cause throughout the 2012/2013 season, playing 28 games including the Grand Final – as the Mariners won their maiden Championship in April 2013. Josh is highly regarded in the A-League and joined the Melbourne City Football Club for the 2016/2017 season.

Despite being one of the older players on the team, Josh makes no secret of the fact that “NeoLife” Nutrition is a key factor in helping him keep up with younger teammates and opponents.

Product Impact

I have been using “NeoLife” Nutritionals for over 15 years now, increasing the volume of my programs as my workload increases. It is always important for me to feel as healthy as I possibly can at all times. I have used “Formula IV” right from the beginning and don’t go a day without it.

Favorite Products

“Pro Vitality”, “Cal-Mag”, “Full Motion”, “Zinc”, “Multi-Min”, “Super-B”, “Super C”, “Formula IV Plus”.


Recognized and acknowledged for her unique athleticism and outstanding success as a Paralympic athlete, Katrina Webb has left her mark on the athletic world. Bringing home a total of three gold, three silver, and one bronze medal from the Atlanta, Sydney and Athens Paralympics, this testament to Katrina’s ability makes her one of Australia’s top performing Paralympic athletes.

Off the track, Katrina is the Director of her own business Silver 2 Gold. As a qualified physiotherapist and a person that knows how to achieve gold medal results more than once, her business specializes in ‘Turning Silver to Gold’ and improving the performance and health of organizations, teams and individuals through keynote speaking, team building events and corporate health and well-being programs.

Product Impact

Thanks “NeoLife” for providing me with sensational products which allow me to perform at my optimal level every day.

Favorite Products

“Pro Vitality”, “Cal-Mag”, “Super-B”, “Super C”, “Vitamin E Plus”, “Garlic Allium Complex”.

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Over the past few years, Maaris Meier has improved and achieved great results. Mountain biking requires the body to withstand the stresses and be disciplined so that you can feel good. In 2013, she became the Estonian National XCO Champion. For the first time in her career, she won the competition category USCI1 Rio do Mouro stage of the Portuguese Cup series. Maaris has participated in many Portuguese Cup Marathon Series. She won the first race twice and finished third once. Such endurance sports like mountain biking require the body’s ability to withstand tremendous stress and perform well.

And in 2014, she was awarded Estonia’s Best Female Cyclist by the Estonian Cycling Union. She also was the Estonian National XCO Champion for the second year in a row, and won Rio do Mouro category UCI C1.

Product Impact

“NeoLife” Nutritionals give me what I need to be a successful athlete. “NeoLife” Nutritionals play an important role in supporting and helping my physical well-being, as I prepare for my season and compete. I know that my body gets all the necessary support so that I can feel good and perform well!

Favorite Products

“Carotenoid Complex”, “Formula IV Plus”, “Tre-en-en”, “Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus”, “NeoLifeShake”, “Chelated Cal-Mag”, “Super C”, “Acidophilus Plus”, “Betaguard”.


Allar Raja first appeared in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, where he participated in the four-berth boat event. He won gold in the European Championships in 2008, 2009, and 2012 and silver in 2010 and 2011. He also won bronze in the World Championships in 2006 and 2009. In the 2012 London Olympics, Allar and his team took 4th place.

Product Impact

I am happy that I finally found these supplements that my body fully accepts. My sports medicine doctors admitted that “NeoLife” Nutritionals are of great help to a healthy diet, which is necessary for an athlete. It is very important to keep all the body parameters and “NeoLife” Nutritionals helped me achieve that. I also feel all of your well-being and stability of the trust that “NeoLife” Nutritionals give me.

“Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus”, “Formula IV Plus”, “NeoLifeShake”, “Super C”, “Pro Vitality”, “Chelated Cal-Mag”, “Acidophilus Plus”, “All-C”.


Tobia Cavallini has had many successes over the past few years. His most recent success has been 1st place in the 2013 Rally di Reggello. Team Energystar, Tobia Cavallini and Sauro Farnocchia, drove the Peugeot 207 S2000 and won the race, distancing themselves from all the competition. The race was very exciting and full of highs and lows. “We knew to have a great performing car that we were sure to get good results. The race was engaging and we were really happy with the final result, also because we did a great job with the car set up. We dedicate this victory to all our supporters.” Tobia and his teammate also won 3rd place in Rally di Marca and Rally di San Martino in 2013. In 2011, he placed 1st in Rally di Reggello, 2nd place in Raly di Proserpina, and 3rd place in Rally di Appennino-Reggiano. In the years between 2008 and 2010, there have been numerous other major successes and wins for Team Energystar.

Favorite Products

“Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus”, “NeoLifeShake”, “Tre”, “Carotenoid Complex”, “Aloe Vera Plus”, “Pro Vitality”.

Product Impact

The nutritionals help me to achieve a very good shape and quickly recover from the efforts after the race. I use “NeoLife” Nutritionals during all the training period and before the races. They help me get the optimum physical condition and make it easy to recover from the efforts of a race. We’re getting great results again this year and I am confident that this collaboration with “NeoLife” will continue to be a success.


Patrick Lambie has become a regular name in the Cell C Sharks and Springbok teams. He has played in 32 Springbok International matches to date and whether playing flyhalf or fullback, Patrick performs outstandingly. In 2014, he helped South Africa achieve a crucial win against New Zealand in the Rugby Championship Freedom Cup.

Patrick has always believed in the importance of good quality nutrition and chooses “NeoLife” because he believes that they prevent him from getting sick, or worn out and most importantly, allow him to perform to the best of his ability.


Q & A

What is your favorite “NeoLife” Nutritional and why?

“Pro Vitality” because it is packed with all the vitamins I need and comes in convenient packets so I can take them with me whilst traveling on tour or at training.

Why did you choose “NeoLife” Nutritionals over any other supplements?

The demands of professional Rugby are high. I know that I need to take the right nutrients to protect my health and help prevent myself from getting run down and vulnerable to illness. I trust “NeoLife” to not only give me the edge needed when I play, but also for the benefits it offers regarding training and recovery.

Does our “Based in Nature, Backed by Science” philosophy attract you to the products?

Yes, the products are really good, and it’s very nice that the products tie in with what I am passionate about – health, wellness and the environment.

Favorite Products

“NeoLifeShake”, “Pro Vitality”, “PhytoDefense”.

Product Impact

Thanks to “PhytoDefence”, I have seen an increase in my immunity and power to ward off seasonal ailments, which can seriously interrupt my training and performance schedule.

Not only does Patrick love the taste of the new “NeoLifeShake”, but he loves the quick muscle recovery he receives from using these cutting-edge, nutritionally complete protein shakes. He also enjoys the ease of using the “Daily Vitality Pack” as it contains all the nutrients he needs in one convenient sachet.


Ian is a much-loved Australian Actor/Entertainer who is best known for his starring roles is TV drama’s “Stingers” and “Sea Patrol.” Ian has also appeared in many stage performances such as “Cabaret” and “Guys and Dolls.” Ian also featured for a number of years in channel nine’s broadcast of “Carols by Candlelight.” Ian’s latest work is a starring role in a brand new Australian musical called “Truth, Beauty and a Picture of You” as well as performing with The Leading Men throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The nature of Ian’s work can place huge demands on his health and fitness as his roles often require long days of intensive physical activity and mental focus. However Ian’s most important role is that of being a father to his two daughters.

Favorite Products

“Pro Vitality”, “Full Motion”, “Chelated Cal-Mag”, “PhytoDefense”.

Product Impact

Being an actor means there are NO sick days, so I start every day the NeoLife way. The products have allowed me to live the life I have always dreamed of—thank you “NeoLife”!


Born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark, Andersen came to the US as an exchange student, attending Ben Davis High school. The school had no soccer team, so Andersen tried out for the football team on a whim and quickly became the team’s kicker. It didn’t take long for colleges to notice this new talent. The next season Andersen was playing for the Michigan State Spartans. At Michigan State University, he was named All-American and Academic All-Big 10 in his senior season.

The New Orleans Saints drafted Andersen in the 4th round of the 1982 NFL draft. His first year was challenging. After his first kick-off he injured his foot, forcing him to miss the next eight weeks of a strike-shortened season. However it did not take long before Andersen earned the name “The Great Dane”. By the time he was done, Andersen made 6 Pro Bowls and 309 out of 389 goals attempted. He scored 1318 points during the time he played for the Saints.

After the ’94 season, the salary cap was adopted in the NFL. Negotiations with the Saints fell through, and so Andersen signed with the Atlanta Falcons for the ’95 season. In his first year with the Falcons, Andersen made Pro Bowl with 31 of 37 goals attempted. In ’98, he made the most memorable kick in Falcons history when he kicked a 39 yard goal in overtime to defeat the Vikings in the NFC Championship.

Andersen stayed with the Falcons through the 2000 season. He then spent a season with the New York Giants, 2 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs and a season with the Minnesota Vikings before finishing his career with the Falcons in 2007. During that last season, he had the most accurate season of his career, making 25 out of 28 field goals attempted.

During his remarkable career in the NFL, Andersen is the only player to hold statistical franchise records for 2 NFL teams. He played in a record 382 games. He’s also the lead scorer in the history of the NFL and the all time leader in field goals made.


NFL Records:
Most points career – 2,544
Most games played – 382
Most consecutive games scored – 360
Most field goals – 565
Most field goals attempted- 709

Three time All Pro
1986 and 1995 Golden Toe Award
NFL 1980’s and 1990’s All-Decade Team
New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame
Walter Camp All-Century Team (college)
Michigan State Univ. Athletics Hall of Fame
Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame
New Orleans Saints Ring of Honor

Favorite Products

“NeoLifeShake”, “NeoLifeTea”, “Pro Vitality”, “Full Motion”, “Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus”.

Product Impact

“Let me start by saying that I am not paid money to endorse “NeoLife”. However, I am a former professional athlete who has seen dramatic results over a relative short period of time taking the “NeoLife” products. I began taking the “Breakfast Pack”, which contains “NeoLifeShake” and the “Pro Vitality” packet every morning and have been doing it for more than a month. I feel leaner, less bloated and more energetic and mentally sharp throughout the day. “NeoLifeTea” has replaced my coffee and is giving me the sustained energy and focus that I need in my daily business activities. There are lots of demands on my time all the time and I was looking for a product that could help me maintain a high level of energy and focus throughout the day-I found it in “NeoLifeTea”! The “NeoLife” “Salmon Oil Plus” along with the “Full Motion” have been real game changers for me. Taken along with the “Breakfast Pack”, I feel that I have some real winners on my side to support balanced inflammation and the promotion of healthy joints”.

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Reigning champion Adolf Boshoff will defend his Super600 title in 2017 on the MiWay Racing, Anassis prepared Yamaha R6. Boshoff aka Junior has impressed the South African motorcycle racing scene last year by winning the Super600 title in dominating style in his first full national season. “This will be the year to determine his path in racing,” Coach Brad Anassis reckons. Adolf is one of the biggest talents that have come through the ranks and we see great things ahead of him.


Product Impact
“NeoLifeShake fills me with the right nutrients every day to take on the day ahead and helps my body release the energy so I can push hard in training and feel good when I ride. NeoLife Nutritionals are amazing products that make me feel happy and healthy and help me live a healthy lifestyle.”*




Super GP Champion
“We have a championship winning combination with NeoLife as our partners,” says team founder Brad Anassis. The team and its riders have enjoyed unrivalled success landing the numerous No. 1 spots on the winner’s podium in both divisions since partnering up in 2014.

Product Impact
“I just wanted to say thanks to NeoLife for giving us that winning boost. I have been racing for 10 years and have always suffered with a nervous stomach, which means eating on a race day is virtually impossible – NeoLifeShake I now take really boost my energy levels. Since using NeoLife products I have not had to suffer through a race weekend coughing and feeling horrible from the flu. I feel healthy and strong all year long!”*

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Most Recent Achievements
FIH International Umpire 2004 – Current
Northerns Hockey Association – Ladies Umpire of the Year 2004 – 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 ,2016
2017 World League Semi-Finals, Johannesburg – FINAL 2017 World League Finals, Auckland, NZL – November 2017 GSport for Women – Finalist (Women of the Year) *Winner announced in August
2016 Olympic Games, Rio, Brazil – Final
2016 Champion’s Trophy, London, England – Final
2016 Gauteng Sports Awards – Finalist Official of the Year (2 Oct. Winner)
2015 Pan American Games – Toronto, Canada – Semi Final
2015 Women’s World League Finals – Rosario, Argentina- December – (Golden Whistle -100 Senior International Games) -Final
2015 FIH Women’s Umpire of the Year
2015 African Women’s Umpire of the Year



Junior Swimming Champion
It’s easy to understand why junior swimming champion Kiara Noades is lengths ahead of the competition when she talks about the support she has behind her. “I’ve been swimming competitively since I was 8 years old and I still love every minute of it. I’ve super-supportive parents who don’t put excessive pressure on me. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have the discipline to practice 6 days a week, with only two short breaks from a hectic training schedule every year” says this bubbly, confident 16-year-old.
“Now I even have extra help from NeoLife – the Nutritionals are awesome! It took about 6 weeks after first taking NeoLife that I could really start feeling a huge improvement in my energy levels and focus. Now, I sometimes push myself to do a 2 -hour training session in the morning, and another session in the afternoon!” says Kiara. “I really like the NeoLifeShake Rich Chocolate, love NeoLifeBar Fruit & Nut. I also take Cal-Mag to sleep better and stop me from cramping up in the pool.”
“I am really proud of Kiara and how well she’s managing to build a swimming career, while keeping up her studies in her important senior years in high school. I can see that she’s able to focus better since she’s been taking NeoLife products” says mom, Belinda. “Kiara has a great coach at Stellenbosch University, where she trains. Pierre believes, like me, that one needs to maintain a healthy balance between swimming, schooling and just being a normal teenager in order not to burn out. From my experience as a runner I also understand the importance of good nutrition to maintain performance and longevity any sporting career!” she adds.
Kiara still manages to socialise and spend quality time with her family, and loves going surfing with her Dad, Roger. “The other day my Dad and I did our first open water ocean swim of 1.6 km – it was such fun. Through swimming I have had such great experiences and met such nice people. My best friends are my fellow swimmers. We all support each other because we know what it takes to swim at a competitive level. We’re always very excited and happy when any one of us does well in a race or qualifies for an important event.”
For Kiara, the proof of her success is on the podium. This year Kiara has done better than she ever has, which includes wins at the African Champs held in Egypt last March. She even qualified for a place in the Senior Nationals – amazingly on the 7th race of the competition. Kiara will jet off in August to Indianapolis, in the USA, to represent South Africa at the FINA Junior World Swimming Championship.
Kiara has big goals when it comes to swimming. “My next goal is to qualify for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia. My ultimate dream is to swim at the Olympics. That’s just three years off, so I am working hard to achieving my dream.”

Favorite Products

“NeoLifeShake”, “NeoLifeBar”, “Chelated Cal-Mag”.

Product Impact

“Now I even have extra help from NeoLife – the Nutritionals are awesome! It took about 6 weeks after first taking NeoLife that I could really start feeling a huge improvement in my energy levels and focus. Now, I sometimes push myself to do a 2 -hour training session in the morning, and another session in the afternoon!” says Kiara. “I really like the NeoLifeShake Rich Chocolate, love NeoLifeBar Fruit & Nut. I also take Cal-Mag to sleep better and stop me from cramping up in the pool.”*
Recent Achievements
Swimming Senior Victric Ludorum at Rhenish Girls’ High
Competed at SA National Junior Age Group Championships KZN – 23 to 26 March 2017 (Girls 15). Results: 3rd 400m Freestyle; 2nd 200 Freestyle, 1st 50m Backstroke; 1st 100m Backstroke; 1st 200m Backstroke
Was chosen to represent SA Junior Team at African Junior Swimming Championships Cairo Egypt -28 to 31 March 2017 (Girls 15-16). Results: 2nd 400m Freestyle; 2nd 50m Freestyle; 1st 100m Backstroke; 1st 200m Backstroke; 1st 4x200m Free Relay; 1st 4x100m Free Relay; 1st 4x100m Medley relay
Competed at SA Senior National Aquatic Championship KZN – 3 to 8 April 2017. Results: 9th 400m Freestyle; 5th 200m Freestyle; 4th 100m Backstroke; 3rd 200m Backstroke; 1st 4x200m Free Relay; 2nd 4x100m Free RelaY .
Was chosen to represent South Africa to participate at the 6th FINA Junior World Swimming Championships, to be held in Indianapolis, USA 23 to 28 August 2017.



We recently chatted to star Rugby hooker and one of our latest Sports Ambassadors, Bongani Mbonambi at the Sports Science Institute in Newlands, Cape Town. “I’m hooked on NeoLife. I’m so excited and proud to have joined forces with NeoLife to Make the World a Healthier and Happier Place!” he enthusiastically starts.
“The awesome NeoLife Nutritionals have already made an enormous difference in my life, even though I’ve only been taking them since the end of last year. In nutrition terms that’s still early days, so I can’t wait to see how much more that they’ll bring to me on a long-term basis” says Bongi.
“Like most athletes who compete at a professional level, I find recovering from training crucial to my performance in competition. That, along with maintaining a strong immune system to minimize downtime, helps keep me going and well prepared for competition. I use Pro Vitality every day and find the single sachet containing all the necessary supplements easy to take and convenient when I’m on the go! I also take NeoLife’s vitamin C for an extra boost in winter.”
Bongi admits that the part of his training he finds most challenging is keeping his fitness levels up. “That’s where the NeoLifeShake comes in very handy. When my team and I are doing back-to-back fitness training sessions, and have very short break in between, I’m able to give my body the nutrition needed to keep going.” On days like these Bongi takes up to three NeoLifeShake’s as meal replacements. “What I also like about NeoLifeShake is that although they’re complete and satisfying, they never make you feel heavy or uncomfortable afterwards. Personally, I love the Rich Chocolate flavor and I have never tasted such a delicious meal replacement shake before.”
But, for this NeoLife powered athlete, being a part of the NeoLife family is not only about enjoying and promoting great products – it’s about giving back. Bongi grew up in Bethlehem, in the struggling mining belt of South Africa – a place where very little hope exists for many young people.
“If it wasn’t for rugby, the support of my family and God’s grace I’m not sure where I would be today. Like most children around me, I grew up with very little chance of making anything of my life. That’s why I want to inspire and motivate others by example. Through my success I want to show kids that with faith and a positive attitude they can become anything they want to, no matter what their background” says Bongi with conviction.
Bongi’s unstoppable talent and outstanding performance was first spotted at a Craven Week (South Africa’s top annual rugby union schools event), where he was scouted and offered a scholarship to the prestigious St Albans College in Pretoria. From there Bongi landed a place with the Bulls. In 2012, he made his senior debut playing against the Crusaders at the Super Rugby season in Pretoria. He currently represents the Stormers and now resides in Cape Town. At only 26 years of age he has represented his country in several international games and did them proud.
“I believe that with NeoLife as a partner I can make a positive change in many people’s lives. Like me, the NeoLife Family are committed to uplifting communities, while helping people to be their best and reach their full potential!”*

Favorite Products

“NeoLifeShake”, “Pro Vitality”, “Super C”.

Product Impact

“Like most athletes who compete at a professional level, I find recovering from training crucial to my performance in competition. That, along with maintaining a strong immune system to minimize downtime, helps keep me going and well prepared for competition. I use Pro Vitality every day and find the single sachet containing all the necessary supplements easy to take and convenient when I’m on the go! I also take NeoLife’s vitamin C for an extra boost in winter.”
Bongi admits that the part of his training he finds most challenging is keeping his fitness levels up. “That’s where the NeoLifeShake comes in very handy. When my team and I are doing back-to-back fitness training sessions, and have very short break in between, I’m able to give my body the nutrition needed to keep going.” On days like these Bongi takes up to three NeoLifeShake’s as meal replacements. “What I also like about NeoLifeShake is that although they’re complete and satisfying, they never make you feel heavy or uncomfortable afterwards. Personally, I love the Rich Chocolate flavor and I have never tasted such a delicious meal replacement shake before.”*



“I am extremely honored to be a NeoLife Athlete with the likes of the sportsman that use the products. Taking the products is such a huge benefit as the nutritionals help me to perform at my absolute best in achieving my goals on and off the field. More specifically, the products help balance my nutrition as well as well as fuel my energy to power through a day of am gym sessions, a full day of work and then hockey training in the evening.”


Favorite Products

“NeoLifeShake”, “Pro Vitality”, “Chelated Cal-Mag”, “NeoLifeBar”.

Recent Achievements
2012 U18 South African Men’s Hockey Team
2013 U21 South African Men’s Hockey Team at the Junior World Cup in India
2015, 2017 African Champions
Competed in Hockey World League; Round 2
Competed in Hockey World League; Semi-Finals
Vice Captain of Varsity College Hockey Club
KZN Raider’s Men’s Hockey Team
2017 Inter Provincial Champions
Named Club Player of the Year



Matt excelled in both baseball and football in high school. After signing a letter of intent to play football at the University of Washington, he decided to sign as a professional baseball player. In 2004, Matt was drafted to the MLB. With 14 years under his belt, Matt understands the importance of whole food nutrition to not only perform on the field but to also thrive in everyday life with his family. Matt is currently a free agent.



What is a recent accomplishment NeoLife has helped you achieve?
For the first time in the last five years, I was able to play my entire season injury free and avoid the Disabled List. I was proud of that as each of the previous seasons, I had spent at least 2-5 weeks out with hamstring injuries, and shoulder issues. I made it a priority to begin each day with a “NeoLifeShake” and “Pro Vitality”, plus “Phytodefense”.*
What’s your training regime?
During the off-season I workout in the weight room four days a week. I hit and throw at the field 5 days a week. I will get soft tissue work done once every week and half. I try and do a yoga class once a week. In season, it’s not as much since we play every night. But my goal is to do 2-3 total body workouts a week depending on how my body is feeling from the games. So it’s vital that I’m giving my body the nutrients it needs to perform and recover quickly.
What’s one tip you would give someone to help them achieve their fitness goals?
The hardest part is putting your goals into action and on a CONSISTENT basis. For me, if I don’t do something early in the morning at the same time each day I tend to get lazy, and I’m less likely to follow through as the day goes on. Set your alarm for 4 or 5 AM to get that workout in, or to instantly get up out of bed and head straight to kitchen to make your “NeoLifeShake” and take your supplements to make it happen. I feel the most productive early in the morning, sometimes before the sun has even come up. I like the idea that while other people are still snoozing, I’m fueling my body, and getting my workout done! Doing it every morning at the same time, helps creates that routine and routines are everything especially when it comes to making your dreams a reality.