Vegan D With Vitamin D3/D2 – “NeoLife” Nutritional Supplement (120 tablets)







indicates that Vitamin D helps the body use calcium properly for the maintenance of normal bones and neurotransmission. Low vitamin D levels can also impact our immune system performance and muscle function.

100 % VEGAN

Made entirely without animal sourced ingredients of any kind. NeoLife Vegan D fulfils the strict sourcing criteria expected by vegetarian/vegan supplement users.


Tested to strict standards to assure the highest levels of safety and quality.


•   The immune system

•   The Respiratory system

•   Calcium absorption to promote strong bone health




Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, is known as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin because it is produced in the body when ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from sunlight hit the skin. We also get vitamin D directly from foods, but it is generally difficult to obtain adequate levels from foods alone.  

We typically obtain only 10 to 20% of our vitamin D from foods. The other 80 to 90% is produced in the body through exposure to sunlight. Our life stage, skin pigmentation, life situation and sun exposure have an enormous influence on our levels of vitamin D. 

NeoLife’s Scientific Advisory Board formulated NeoLife Vegan D, a proprietary blend of naturally sourced and wholefood-based ingredients high in vitamin D to help supplement a normal diet.



Proprietary blend of naturally sourced and wholefood-based ingredients high in vitamin D to ensure high potency and bioavailability.  Combines vitamin D3 and vitamin D2 (cholecalciferol/ergocalciferol).

Vitamin D3 from lichen (Cladonia rangiferina) our vitamin D3 is naturally sourced from Reindeer Lichen using gentle extraction techniques, a unique edible source of lichen.  One of the only completely vegan sources of vitamin D3.

Vitamin D2 from yeast and superior quality mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus). These mushrooms also provide trace amounts naturally occurring whole food nutrients.

•  Naturally and sustainably sourced. 

•  100 % Vegan


Recommended daily intake: 1 tablet per day.


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