LDC – “NeoLife” “Golden” – Universal Light Duty Cleaner. Biodegradable. Concentrate (1 L)







LDC – the versatile cleaner for hands, dish washing and hand washables. It’s a fluid, pleasant smelling household cleaner that is strong enough to tackle the toughest pots and pans but yet gentle enough to use for hand washables. LDC leaves shiny dishes and glasses without annoying streaks and films. The foam is so rich it stays until it is time to wash your pots and pans.

It also efficient gentle cleaner for lingerie and hand washable sweaters that become soft and pleasant smelling.

LDC is naturally most efficient in hot water but it also acts in cold water and even salt water. LDC is therefore practical to take when camping or other occasions when there is no access to hot water.



LDC works by making the water ”wetter”. It penetrates fats and soils. LDC voluminous foam lasts through an entire washing up session and the neutral pH balance makes it gentle to your hands.



Light duty cleaner is perfect for cleaning  sensitive clothing or objects that require tender care. Household cleaner can be used to wash dishes, hand-washable lingerie, kitchen counters, stove tops, refrigerators and may other soiled surfaces.



LDC is the mildest, most versatile household cleaner!

Kitchen: Porcelain, pots and pans, glasses, tea pots, china and ceramics.

Laundry: sweaters, nylon, lingerie, cashmeres and hand washables.



Hand wash:

Mix 1 part LDC with up to 5 parts of water in mixing bottle.

Use one ”healthy” squirt of the LDC mix under the force of running water to make plenty of bubbles. This mixture will remove all dirt and grease. Rinse well and let dry. Let tough dishes like pots with burnt on food first soak in the mixture.

Note: for ingrained dishes a mixture of 1 to 4 is recommended .


Suitable for dish washing and washing of clothes and hands in cold water.

Wallpaper removal:

Use 3-4 capfuls LDC with 6 liters of hot water. Apply with a sponge. Let soak for a few minutes . It is the water which dissolves the old wall paper but you need LDC to make the water penetrate the old glue and soften it. Apply the solution every 5 minutes 2-3 times. Pull away the old wall paper; remove any leftovers with the LDC solution and a putty knife.

Rinse the wall thoroughly before repainting or or putting up new wall paper.

Hand cleaner:

Fill the mixing bottle with 1 part LDC and 5 parts of water. Efficient but still gentle on your hands.  LDC can be used as fluent  hand soap straight from the mixing bottle, mixture 1 to 5. Rinse your hands, pour a few drops of LDC mix and rub them. Rinse.

Hand washables:

For wash of nylon, rayon, cotton, polyester and other synthetic fibres such as lycra and latex (note: no silk!), mix 1 capful LDC in the water. Stir up foam. Soak the garment. Wash gently. Wring the out the water.


Regular cleaning:

For cleaning of tiles, bath tubes  and other bathroom surfaces use an LDC mix 1:5.



Completely free-rinsing.

Digs out dirt.

Gentle enough for fine fabrics, personal care.

Economical: dilute for months of household use.

Versatile: cleans your house, laundry and automobile.


pH balanced, gentle on your skin.


Makes water ”wetter” and penetrates grease.




With Golden’s home care product you can predominantly use a smaller dose and still maintain the same effect as if in using other products on the market. Golden’s home care products are especially designed to provide a maximum cleaning effect with the least possible amount of the product. Not only does the consumer benefit from an economical point of view, it also reduces the strain on the global environment.

In the future we all need to care more about the way we treat our planet and the fragile ecosystem surrounding us. Today we are more than 7.5 billion people and the strain on the environment is heavier than ever. It is time to consider our own  part in the environmental damage and do something to stop this destructive development. Golden’s philosophy with low dose/environmental friendly products is one way to do that.


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