G1 – “NeoLife” “Golden” – Laundry Compound without phosphate (5 kg)







A powerful non polluting detergent, G-One is a concentrated laundry powder that’s low in phosphate, free-rinsing and 100% biodegradable. Formulated to outperform most other detergents, particularly against tough, oily dirt and when washing in hard water.



It has long been a well known fact amongst scientists that grease stains are difficult to remove. Dirt molecules would seem to have a certain affinity for fabrics. They like to lodge themselves deep down in the fabric, resisting any attempts to get rid of them. G1 has found a solution to this problem.

G1’s active components penetrate even the most difficult of stains and ”dislodge” the dirt molecules in the fabric with their delicate alkaline ingredients. Once the dirt has been dislodged, it is essential for it not to come into contact with the rest of the laundry. G1 contains ingredients which lock the dirt into the washing water until rinsing. In addition, G1 contains substances to guard against the corrosion of the metal parts of washing machines. G1 contains sodium percarbonate which is extremely effective on stubborn stains and also acts at low temperatures, thanks to another one of its special components.

G1 also contains optical brighteners to bring the brightness back to your laundry. With G1, your whites come out whiter than white and your colours even even brighter. Given the fact that G1’s ingredients do not accumulate in the fabrics fibres, there is absolutely no risk of discolouring your laundry,even when used repeatedly.




Golden G1 is completely eliminated upon rinsing. It leaves absolutely no soap residues which are a common cause of dull and lifeless laundry. It does not discolour your laundry and presents no resistance to ironing. It leaves no residues on shirts, jerseys, underwear or socks, so there is no chance of irritation. The same goes for your sheets and pillow cases.



Biocatalytic formula: contains Biazyme, biologically active enzyme, for accelerated cleaning power.

Economical: concentrated, goes up to eight times farther than ordinary detergents.

Powerful: outperformed a leading U.S. brand in independent laboratory tests.

Free-rinsing: no residue left in fabrics to cause greying or irritate tender skin.

Low pH: slightly alkaline pH, just enough to neutralize body acids in clothing.

Controlled suds: will not impair the washing efficiency of automatic machines.

Helps prevent corrosion: valuable washing machine parts and plumbing are protected. G-One will not cause detergent scum build-up on tubs or in pumps.

It is effective on most stains.

It is concentrated.

100% biodegradable: returns to its original natural components after use.

Non polluting – an earth-friendly product.



The Golden G1 formula is aimed at obtaining maximum washing efficiency. it is economical and can be used at different temperatures – see dosage chart and instructions for use on the packet.




With Golden’s home care product you can predominantly use a smaller dose and still maintain the same effect as if in using other products on the market. Golden’s home care products are especially designed to provide a maximum cleaning effect with the least possible amount of the product. Not only does the consumer benefit from an economical point of view, it also reduces the strain on the global environment.

In the future we all need to care more about the way we treat our planet and the fragile ecosystem surrounding us. Today we are more than 7.5 billion people and the strain on the environment is heavier than ever. It is time to consider our own  part in the environmental damage and do something to stop this destructive development. Golden’s philosophy with low dose/environmental friendly products is one way to do that.


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